Language Arts

Nov 12th, 2018
-Finish chapter 4 questions:

1.  Why doesn't the group want Salva along?
2.  Why do the boys, Buska and Salva fall behind?  What have they discovered?

Oct 11th, 2018
-copy and paste the link below in web browser for hamburger paragraph slide show

Sept 9th, 2018

-Students should have a book/novel to read at all times at school.  Reading nightly at home is also a great way to continue to improve comprehension, fluency, word recognition, etc.
-Students are to complete their "Selfie Package" for tomorrow which they had time to work on this week.  
SuvethaaU 60,
5 Oct 2018, 08:03
SuvethaaU 60,
5 Oct 2018, 08:03