1 - HW & Announcements

**There is a student in our class with a life-threatening allergy to all nuts and sesame seeds.  Please ensure lunches and snacks are nut-free*
Thursday, May 31: 
- Return all quizzes and assignments with a parent signature 
- Rotational Symmetry pg. 272 #1-5, 7 


Friday may 25 
2 novels 
pencil crayons
calculator and Rulers (preferably clear) 
Wednesday May 16
Finnish french sheet 

Thursday May 10

Wednesday April 25
Math- QUIZ!!! :( Homework ( DON`T DO BURGER QUESTION) 
IT- cars 

Tuesday, April 24
Math - Math pages, 3 of them
Science - Energy worksheet

Wednesday,April 18
French  - Good copy Alphonse
IT - Finish car
Health - Project due FRIDAY 
Math homework, - Page 2 of the blue sheet

Tuesday, April 17
French - Practice the Sheet which will be presented.

Friday, April 13
Math - Textbook homework: Page 12, questions 1,2,4,6

Wednesday, April 11
Wear Pink tomorrow!
Complete vaccine form
Wear a jersey, green and yellow, or spirit wear (red and blue) to show support for the recent tradegy. ON FRIDAY.
Math- Finish Group activity 

Thursday April 5th
Math-Finish Percents Of a number sheet #1-4
Quiz tomorrow 
LASS-Finish Map Of Canada 
French quiz Monday

Wednesday April 4th
It-Work on Electric car
Math Quiz On friday
French Quiz on Monday

Wednesday March 28
International Epilepsy Day tomorrow! Don't forget to wear Purple
Great Gulp is tomorrow so bring in a water bottle

monday march 18
It fix website
SCIENCE QUIZ TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! (vocab)
Thursday, Match 8th
Finish back side of Number sense sheet
Remember To Wear Jeans, A white shirt, Grey or black hoodie

Wednesday, March 7th
Science: complete a labelled diagram for the in class experiement 
Wear--> jean, a white shirt, and a grey or black hoodie on Friday :) 

Monday march 5 :(
Math pg.365 Questions 7,8 
Review for quiz
Quiz tomorrow 
Complete tinkercad house and car 
Link embed and reflect
Portfolio website 
2$ for dodge-ball
Friday march 2 
sci Definitions
2$ for dodgeball!!!!
Math 365 Question #5 and Question 1 on Comparing Surface Area and Volume 
Thursday, March 1
Math Pg. 364 Q.# 1-4
Monday, Feb 26
Math - Questions 1,2,4 pg. 327-328
Quiz tomorrow, determining surface area of rectangular prism.

Tuesday, Feb 20
IT - Finish wevideo and link to class website and portfolio website (instructions are on tech website; Programs < Video 3  - Creation and Editing) Due next week.
LA/SS - Read 20 minutes
B.O.T - Record a video of you calling someone who you appreciate and reading the note that you wrote in class to them.. Keep the phone on speaker so we can hear the other persons reaction :D!
- cedar glen package (due tomorrow!)
- For the group doing Tides for their science presentation; answer the question “How does the moon affect tides?”
- signed report cards and form attachment
- electric car money (due tomorrow!)

Friday Feb 16
Math homework sheet (back side)

- cedar glen package
- signed report cards and form attachment
- electric car money
- yes, I can form

Thursday Feb 15 
ceder glen package
report card envelopes 
electric car money 
yes I can form 

Monday, Feb 12
Math page 222-223 qustion 1-9

Thursday, Feb 8
Math - Finish definition:)  
IT- Wevideo to youtube and link to class website:) 
Return Report Card envelopes and signed section on the bottom of the second sheet 

Wednesday, Feb 7
area of a triangle and parallelogram mini quest tomorrow
science project continue 
report card go home tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

Friday, Feb 2
Math page 354 question # 3 and draw 2 parallelogram with area of 18 

Science project due Wednesday    
Feb 1 
Wevideo due 
Science project due 
Math garden question if not done (area)
Question #1 for parallelogram sheet 
Jersey day tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, January  311
LA/SS: Finish the Identifying Persuasive techniques 
Science: Presentations due Feb 6th- 9th 

Wednesday, January 24th:  
Math: finish page 139 #1-5 
Cedar Glen forms are collected tomorrow! 
Science Project --> Conferences with Ms. Kerrigan begin tomorrow 

Tue jan 22 finish the math preknowlage side 

Thursday, Jan. 18 
La ss Do you need anything for your ran chart put it on the ran chart
Math Quiz tomorrow!!!!
Do math homework Questions #1 3 and 9 
Science due Feb 6 
Pajama Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, Jan. 17th
French-memorize lines for french Due next Thursday
LA/SS-finish research due tomorrow
Drama-Finish  if you haven’t already due Wednesday 
Dance-Type up good copy of the choreographed dance you and your group made up
Science-Do whatever you have planned to do due Feb. 6

Tuesday, Jan. 16th
Math: Math Quiz (Constructing Triangles) tomorrow 
Science: Group presentations Feb. 6th 
Please return your Student Information sheet 
New Years Reflection sheet 
Drama: monbologues
IT: Storyboards due tomorrow 

Friday Jan. 12th 
Science:  Group Space Presentations February 6th--> Start thinking about your project 
Vocab. Quiz--> Monday 
Math:  Quiz on Polygons on Wednesday Jan.. 17th 

Thursday Jan 11
IT-Storyboard due next week
French- Memorize lines for play
Drama- Monolouges
Science- Vocabulary Quiz Monday January 15th 
Math- Complete Quadrilateral chart and first side of the definition sheet 
Show parents school cash form
Tues Dec 19th 
MATH - Quiz on drawing angles Tomorrow 

Fri Dec 15th 
MATH - Name with angles, QUIZ on measuring angles Monday 

Reminders: Fill in survey for what you want to do on activity day (bring $2 for dance) 
Planetarium is MONDAY MORNING! 

Wed Dec 13th 
MATH - Quiz on naming angles tomorrow
IT - Story Board 

 Reminders: Thompson Tunes tonight ONLY IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING
Intramurals basketball tomorrow 
Junior boys basketball tryouts Friday 
Activity day for friday Dec 22 - bring $2 for dance 

Tues Dec 12th 
MATH - protractors for angles - QUIZ THURSDAY

Reminders: Thompson Tunes Wednesday Night and Thursday

Mon Dec 11th 
MATH - bring in protractors for angles 

Reminders: tomorrow is the LAST DAY for food force and toonie drive 

Thurs Dec 7th 
MATH - Quest Tomorrow 
FRENCH - Review section H - Test Tomorrow 

Reminders: sign up for intramurals by tomorrow on phys ed website 
Food force and toonie drive 

Wed Dec. 6th 
MATH - QUEST Friday 
SCIENCE - Comets, Asteroids worksheet 
FRENCH - Section H - Quiz Friday  
IT - Code 

Reminders: Food force and toonie drive 
Sign up for intramurals on phys ed website 

Tues Dec 5th
MATH - Pg 418- 419 # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - QUEST FRIDAY DECEMBER 8TH 
SCIENCE - the solar system sheet filled in and completed 
FRENCH - study section H 
Reminders: Food force and toonie drive 

Mon Dec 4
FRENCH - Finish all questions from class 

Reminders: Food drive and toonie drive 
Fill in snack form for WONDER movie 

Fri Dec 1 
MATH - review probability 
MUSIC - practice!!! Concert Dec. 13 
LA/SS - Read 1 hr - sign up for F of R 

Reminders: $ for WONDER due MONDAY   
Food drive and toonie drive 

Thurs 30th Nov
SCIENCE - Research for tomorrow. Paragraph in class 
MATH - pg 414-415 q 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Wed 29th Nov 
IT - make sure presentation is embedded on portfolio website under LA/SS
SCIENCE - bring in research for paragraph 

Reminders: $ for WONDER 
Food drive and toonie drive 
Kleenex for class 

Tues 28th Nov
FRENCH - Review section H 

Reminders: $ for WONDER
Food drive and Toonie drive 
Kleenex boxes for class 

Mon 27th Nov

Reminders: $ for WONDER
Canned food and toonies for food drive 
Kleenex boxes for class 

Fri 24th Nov 

Reminders: money for WONDER
Kleenex boxes for class
Food drive and toonie drive 

Thurs 23rd Nov
FRENCH - Memorize rap 

Reminders: money for rock climbing and WONDER
Kleenex boxes for the class 
Food drive and toonie drive 

Wed 22nd Nov
IT - Presentation on how to make good presentations - practice for camera certification 

 $ for rock climbing and WONDER
Bring in toonies and canned goods 

Tues 21st Nov
Science - research and quiz Tuesday Nov 28

Reminders: Rock climbing money due Thursday 
Scientists in the school - THURSDAY 
WONDER money and form due December 4th 

Mon 20th Nov
Math - pg 142 # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 MATH QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY 

Reminders: bring in $ for rock climbing 
Scientists in the School - THURSDAY 

Thurs 16th Nov
Math - pg 145 # 2, 3 (just multiplication) and 5 
French- Test on Monday on section G

Reminders: Interviews tonight ! 
PA Day tomorrowwww!!!

Wed 15th Nov 
Science - parachute report due tomorrow 

Reminders: bring in rock climbing form and $ 

Tues 14th Nov
French - Review section G quiz on thursday 
IT - Finish and link website 
Science - Parachute Report due Thursday 

Mon 13th Nov 
Math - pg 135 # 1      QUIZ TOMORROW 
Science - testing parachutes tomorrow!!!!
French - Review section G online 
LA/SS - readers notebook / add to read list 
Reminders: bring in rock climbing money and form 
Bring in interview form and envelope signed 

Friday 10th Nov
Math - pg 123-124 #1, 2, 3, 7, 12 - QUIZ TUESDAY 
Science - last day to build is Monday. Testing will begin Tuesday 

Thursday 9th Nov.
La/ss Read 20 mins
 -Health: work on Power2bme and the project (due Friday Nov. 17) 
-French: Practice Section F (test on Friday)
-Reminders: Bring in rock climbing money $20.00
Bring in book order money (optional)
-Math: Bring back the math test signed if you haven’t already done so
-Science: Bring materials for parachute if you need them (parachute due probably Wednesday)
-IT: work on portfolio website, write what we are doing in class and place a picture to represent it
Make sure to watch all the camera videos and be ready for the camera test

Wednesday 8th Nov

Bring Book order $$ ( optional)l
Lass: Finish name writing
Tuesday 7th Nov
$ science money due tomorrow
$ rock climbing and form  
Math: pg 119-120 # 1 4 5 6 
IT: make sure websites are updated and ready for camera test 
Lass Mind Maps due tomorrow 

Mon 6th Nov
La/ss- Mindmap due Wednesday
French- Review section G
Math- Homework: pg 116 #2,3 and numbers everyday

Wed. 1st, Nov
Science: Bring materials - bring in money for scientists in the school and ROM 
Math: get test signed 

Tues. 31st, Oct 
French: Practice section F online, Quiz Friday
IT: watch camera videos , website videos and make pages 

Mon 30th Oct 
French: Section F - Quiz Friday 
Math: Get test signed 

Fri 20 Oct
Lass reading 2 hours

Wed 18th Oct
FRENCH review vocab d to e
Math finish simplest fractions 
Tues. 17th Oct 
MATH Pg 296 #2,3 practice number lines (review if needed) 
IT: Check gmail, finish making pages for subjects 
LA/SS: Work on assignment (alpha genres) 

Mon 16 Oct
French review vocab 
Math page 296 q 1 to 4

Fri. 13th Oct
French- Review all gesture videos A-D
LA/SS- Work on alpha chart in notebook
LA/SS- BYOD Form - download  Expeditions

Tue. 10th Oct
I.T. - Read Gmail, watch videos and follow instructions (bring headphones)
LASS - Read 20 minutes
MATH - p. 289, q. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
SCIENCE - Flight vocabulary quiz is tomorrow

Wed. 4th Oct
MATH - Rounding HW (in 6A Number Sense, bottom of page)
French _ review vocabulary 
La ss _ bring good fit reading books

Mon. 2nd Oct
FRENCH - practice gestures online
LASS - bring in 'good fit' books to read

Fri. 29th Sep
MATH - Quiz (mostly Unit 2) on Monday (place value, prime & composite, factors & multiples, common multiples, rounding, multiplication, long division, Order of Operations, X by 10, 100, 1000)

Mon. 25th Sep
LASS - Watch sketch note videos (on Guidance Website)
MATH - Review concepts so far - class notes, textbook, videos - (Test on Mon. 2nd Oct)

Thu 21st Sep
LASS - Read 20 minutes
FRENCH - Worksheet
MATH - watch video on Long Division

Mon. 11th Sep
*PLEASE return all forms and $$*
LASS - complete reading survey
GYM - make sure to bring gym clothes on days Day 1, 4, and 5

Thu. 14th Sep
MATH - p. 46 - q. 1, 2, 4
MUSIC - discuss joining Band
I.T. - Check Gmail
LASS - Read/reread 'Julie Payette' article

Fri. 15th Sep
LASS - What is an important MAIN IDEA?
MATH - p. 49 - q. 1
FRENCH - check website & practice with Flashcards

Mon. 18th Sep
LASS - Share feedback process with your parents
FRENCH - Watch videos A, B

Wednesday 20th Sep 
MATH - pg 70 #1, 2, 5
LA/SS - things you love 

Tuesday 3rd October
LASS - Read 20 mins
LASS - Sketch Note what you've read

Thursday 5th Oct
LASS - Read a minimum of an hour
DRAMA - (Mime)
FRENCH - Review Gestures