1 - HW & Announcements

**There is a student in our class with a life-threatening allergy to all nuts and sesame seeds.  Please ensure lunches and snacks are nut-free*

Fri 24th Nov 

Reminders: money for WONDER
Kleenex boxes for class
Food drive and toonie drive 

Thurs 23rd Nov
FRENCH - Memorize rap 

Reminders: money for rock climbing and WONDER
Kleenex boxes for the class 
Food drive and toonie drive 

Wed 22nd Nov
IT - Presentation on how to make good presentations - practice for camera certification 

 $ for rock climbing and WONDER
Bring in toonies and canned goods 

Tues 21st Nov
Science - research and quiz Tuesday Nov 28

Reminders: Rock climbing money due Thursday 
Scientists in the school - THURSDAY 
WONDER money and form due December 4th 

Mon 20th Nov
Math - pg 142 # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 MATH QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY 

Reminders: bring in $ for rock climbing 
Scientists in the School - THURSDAY 

Thurs 16th Nov
Math - pg 145 # 2, 3 (just multiplication) and 5 
French- Test on Monday on section G

Reminders: Interviews tonight ! 
PA Day tomorrowwww!!!

Wed 15th Nov 
Science - parachute report due tomorrow 

Reminders: bring in rock climbing form and $ 

Tues 14th Nov
French - Review section G quiz on thursday 
IT - Finish and link website 
Science - Parachute Report due Thursday 

Mon 13th Nov 
Math - pg 135 # 1      QUIZ TOMORROW 
Science - testing parachutes tomorrow!!!!
French - Review section G online 
LA/SS - readers notebook / add to read list 
Reminders: bring in rock climbing money and form 
Bring in interview form and envelope signed 

Friday 10th Nov
Math - pg 123-124 #1, 2, 3, 7, 12 - QUIZ TUESDAY 
Science - last day to build is Monday. Testing will begin Tuesday 

Thursday 9th Nov.
La/ss Read 20 mins
 -Health: work on Power2bme and the project (due Friday Nov. 17) 
-French: Practice Section F (test on Friday)
-Reminders: Bring in rock climbing money $20.00
Bring in book order money (optional)
-Math: Bring back the math test signed if you haven’t already done so
-Science: Bring materials for parachute if you need them (parachute due probably Wednesday)
-IT: work on portfolio website, write what we are doing in class and place a picture to represent it
Make sure to watch all the camera videos and be ready for the camera test

Wednesday 8th Nov

Bring Book order $$ ( optional)l
Lass: Finish name writing
Tuesday 7th Nov
$ science money due tomorrow
$ rock climbing and form  
Math: pg 119-120 # 1 4 5 6 
IT: make sure websites are updated and ready for camera test 
Lass Mind Maps due tomorrow 

Mon 6th Nov
La/ss- Mindmap due Wednesday
French- Review section G
Math- Homework: pg 116 #2,3 and numbers everyday

Wed. 1st, Nov
Science: Bring materials - bring in money for scientists in the school and ROM 
Math: get test signed 

Tues. 31st, Oct 
French: Practice section F online, Quiz Friday
IT: watch camera videos , website videos and make pages 

Mon 30th Oct 
French: Section F - Quiz Friday 
Math: Get test signed 

Fri 20 Oct
Lass reading 2 hours

Wed 18th Oct
FRENCH review vocab d to e
Math finish simplest fractions 
Tues. 17th Oct 
MATH Pg 296 #2,3 practice number lines (review if needed) 
IT: Check gmail, finish making pages for subjects 
LA/SS: Work on assignment (alpha genres) 

Mon 16 Oct
French review vocab 
Math page 296 q 1 to 4

Fri. 13th Oct
French- Review all gesture videos A-D
LA/SS- Work on alpha chart in notebook
LA/SS- BYOD Form - download  Expeditions

Tue. 10th Oct
I.T. - Read Gmail, watch videos and follow instructions (bring headphones)
LASS - Read 20 minutes
MATH - p. 289, q. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
SCIENCE - Flight vocabulary quiz is tomorrow

Wed. 4th Oct
MATH - Rounding HW (in 6A Number Sense, bottom of page)
French _ review vocabulary 
La ss _ bring good fit reading books

Mon. 2nd Oct
FRENCH - practice gestures online
LASS - bring in 'good fit' books to read

Fri. 29th Sep
MATH - Quiz (mostly Unit 2) on Monday (place value, prime & composite, factors & multiples, common multiples, rounding, multiplication, long division, Order of Operations, X by 10, 100, 1000)

Mon. 25th Sep
LASS - Watch sketch note videos (on Guidance Website)
MATH - Review concepts so far - class notes, textbook, videos - (Test on Mon. 2nd Oct)

Thu 21st Sep
LASS - Read 20 minutes
FRENCH - Worksheet
MATH - watch video on Long Division

Mon. 11th Sep
*PLEASE return all forms and $$*
LASS - complete reading survey
GYM - make sure to bring gym clothes on days Day 1, 4, and 5

Thu. 14th Sep
MATH - p. 46 - q. 1, 2, 4
MUSIC - discuss joining Band
I.T. - Check Gmail
LASS - Read/reread 'Julie Payette' article

Fri. 15th Sep
LASS - What is an important MAIN IDEA?
MATH - p. 49 - q. 1
FRENCH - check website & practice with Flashcards

Mon. 18th Sep
LASS - Share feedback process with your parents
FRENCH - Watch videos A, B

Wednesday 20th Sep 
MATH - pg 70 #1, 2, 5
LA/SS - things you love 

Tuesday 3rd October
LASS - Read 20 mins
LASS - Sketch Note what you've read

Thursday 5th Oct
LASS - Read a minimum of an hour
DRAMA - (Mime)
FRENCH - Review Gestures