Nov 14th, 2018
-Get french test signed for tomorrow
-Check gmail
-Blogs due Friday by 8:00 pm
-Timeline presentation due 19th
-Scientists in the school $5 due

Nov 13th, 2018
-Scientists in the school $5
-Continue to work on blogs

Nov 12th, 2018
-Finish LA questions (see LA link)
-Start working on this week's blog
-Math probability test signed for tomorrow
-Scientists in the school $5 due Nov 19th
-E.Q.A.O questions due Wednesday
-Report card envelopes due/Interview confirmation
-"avoir" test and finish "Les vetements" sheet tomorrow
-Bring in maple keys and get test signed for science

Nov 9th 2018
-"avoir" test on Tuesday
-Scientists in the school forms/$ due Nov 19th
-Cedar Glen trip forms/payment due
-Blogs due today by 8 p.m.
-Set up agenda/get them signed (PD day on Nov 16th)
-Report card envelopes due
-Confirmation for some students for interview times
-EQAO sheets for math due Thursday

Nov 8th, 2018
-verb "avoir" test on Tuesday
-Interview times form due A.S.A.P (first come, first serve basis)/report card envelope
-Cedar Glen forms and Payment due tomorrow a..m. 
-Scientists in the school forms due Nov 19th
-Math Homework pg. 141 #1, #2, #8
-Blogs due tomorrow
-Get spinner assignment signed
-Finish french sheet (if not already done)

Nov 7th, 2018
- Sign math tests
- "Avoir" French test on Tuesday
- Finish adaptation questions
- Pg. 139 #1 A,C,E,G,I #2 A,B,C #5 #7

- Health tomorrow
- Work on blogs
- Scientist in school forms/$ due Nov 19th

Nov 6th, 2018
-Scientists in the school payment due Nov 19th
-Study for verb "avoir" test (Next Tuesday)
-Blogs due Friday
-Math tests signed for tomorrow
-S.S. research can be started
-Phys. ed clothes for tomorrow
-Some people need to complete their French work

Nov. 5 2018
-French test next Tuesday on verb "avoir"
-S.S Project research
-Scientist in the school forms and money due 19th or pay online
-Picture forms due tomorrow
-Band practice tomorrow
-Check blog for the week
-Rounding Decimals homework

Nov. 2nd 2018
- SS- new project starts next class
- TT- setup agendas and get them signed
-Sci- adaptation questions; flight quiz on Monday
- French- review verb avoir
- LA- paragraphs/blogs due today
- Photo orders- due Nov. 6th
- Lion King Jr. Musical- auditions next week Wednesday

Nov 1st, 2018
-Paragraphs and blogs due tomorrow
-Math test on probability tomorrow
-Walking to the library tomorrow (bring library cards)
-Pictures due November 6th
-Flight test on Monday
-Phys. ed clothes for tomorrow

Oct 31st, 2018
-Happy Halloween (Have a safe and fun night)
-Some students still need French tests signed
-Blogs and paragraphs due Friday
-Start reviewing the verb "Avoir"
-Food journals were due today
-Pictures due November 6th
-Math test on Friday
-Science test on flight on Monday

Oct 30th, 2018
- Pictures due Nov 6th
- Food journal tomorrow
- Math test on probability Friday (Nov 2nd)
- Paragraph/blogs due Friday
- Science flight test on Monday (Nov 5th)
- French test needs to be signed!

Oct 29th, 2019
-Pictures due November 6th
-Blogs/avatars due Friday
-French tests need to be signed
-Food donations due tomorrow
-Health food journal due Wednesday

Oct 26th, 2018
-Sign French test
-Food journal for Wednesday (many sheets were left on desks)
-Set up and sign agenda

Oct 25th, 2018
-Donations for Haunted House
-Random Act of Kindness due tomorrow
-Trip tomorrow to Flight Museum

Oct. 24th 2018
- R.A.O.K due on Friday
- Etre test tomorrow
- Add flaps to the wings(science)
- Items for haunted house

Oct 23rd, 2018
-Items for haunted house
-Get lab report signed for science
-Tree diagram due tomorrow for math
-R.A.O.K due next TT
-French test on Thursday
-Phys. Ed clothes for tomorrow

Oct 22nd, 2018
Library card form due tomorrow
- Get math assignment signed 
-Return signed lab report
-"Etre" test on Thursday
-Random Act of Kindness due next TT

Oct 21st, 2018
-Get agenda signed and set it up for tomorrow
-Bring in form for library card
-Etre test on Thursday
-Novel for language Arts
-R.A.O.K. for next T.T. class

Oct. 19th 2018
-Math - Sign fractions/decimals/percentages assignment

Oct 18th, 2018
- Random Act Of Kindness before next T.T class
- Verb Etre test Next Thursday
- Review response shared by Mr. Greenwood
- Bring library card forms

Oct 17th, 2018
-Get a novel for L.A
-Music Duets
-Verb test on Oct 25th (Etre)
-Open House 6:30 pm today
-Money for book fair

Oct 16th, 2018
-Library form signed and returned by Friday
-Open House tomorrow night 6:30-8 p.m.
-"Etre" test for French next Thursday (Oct 25th)
- Have a book or novel for Language Arts
- Money for BOOK FAIR

Oct 15th 2018
-Review verb "etre"
-Open house on Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm.
-Bring money for Book Fair
-Bring Phys.ed clothes

Oct 12th 2018
- Picture day on Monday
- Open house on the 17th
- Agenda signed and set up
- Bring money for book fair
- Review verb etre

Oct 11th, 2018
-Flight museum payment
-Open House on the 17th
-Picture day on the 15th
-Sketch book for tomorrow

Oct 10th, 2018
-Health tomorrow
-Flight museum payment
-Open House on Oct 17th from 6:30-8:00
-Picture Day on Oct 15th
-Oral quiz in French tomorrow

Oct 9th 2018
- Oral test tomorrow on French
- Health tomorrow
- Practice paragraph writing
- General music Check in on Friday
- Book fair next week on the 15th - 19th
- Open house on the 17th
- Photo day on the 15th
Oct 8th, 2018
- Quiz on Art on Friday
- Overdue Mind maps for tomorrow
- Flight Museum field trip $20 due Oct 19th
- (General music only) Check-in next music class
- Photo day on the 15th
- Open house on the 17th (6:30 - 8:00)
- Book fair next week on the 15th - 19th

Oct 4th, 2018
- Mind maps due Tuesday
- Lab report due Tuesday
- Flight museum/$20 due Oct 19th
- Set up agenda/ get it signed
- Picture day on Oct 15th
- Art test on Friday (Elements Of Art)
- Buy Sketchbook for art for Tuesday
- Music check-in for students in general on Tuesday/keyboard

Oct 3rd, 2018
- Math test tomorrow (fractions)
- Mind map due Tuesday
- Wear orange tomorrow for Orange Shirt day
- Field trip forms and money $20 (flight museum) due Oct 19th
- Overdue maps for S.S

Oct 2nd, 2018
- Music: Practice first three notes and pages 6-7
- Math: Practice for fraction quiz on Thursday
- S.S: Some students still owe Mr. Greenwood their maps (almost 2 weeks overdue)
- Flight museum form/ $20 due Oct. 19th

Sept 29th 2018
-S.S - All remaining maps to be handed in ASAP
-Music practice for band tomorrow (every Tuesday)
-Math fraction practice
-IT 2 comments in Thanks/Suggestions
-Flight museum form/$20 due Oct 19th

Sept 28th, 2018
-Sketch books for Art
-Permission forms/$20 for Flight Museum
-Finish Science work
-Bring your instrument
-S.S. presentations for those that have not gone yet
-Set up agenda and get it signed

Sept. 27th, 2018
- Complete lab report for Monday for Science
- Start thinking about mind map "Identity"
- Wear red tomorrow 
- Toonie for Terry due tomorrow
- Bring popcorn/chips for movie in p.m.
- Permission forms/$20 ASAP for Flight Museum

Sept 26th, 2018

-Art quiz Oct 12 (Friday)
-Bring Art Sketchbook
-Math fraction journals/multiples page 18 #2, page 19 #2, 3, 4, 5
-Toonie for Terry due Friday
-Permission forms signed/$20 due Oct 19th for Flight Museum 

Sept 25th, 2018

- New schedule is posted/Tomorrow is a day 6, please notice changes
- Sketch book with blank pages due for Art tomorrow
- Toonie for Terry due Friday
- Mind maps and Migration assignments finished

Sept 24th. 2018

- Finish Migration assignment
- PD Day tomorrow
- Toonie for Terry due Friday
- Bring Art sketchbook
- Mind maps overdue
- Rent an instrument

Sept 21st. 2018

-Presentation due Monday S.S
-Phys.Ed clothes for Monday
-Math fractions on a number line
-Finish mind map
-Toonie for Terry
-Setup agenda (Tuesday PD day) and get it signed
-Have a fun weekend!
Sept 20th, 2018
- Review science vocab/test tomorrow
- Info sheet due tomorrow
- Presentation for S.S on Monday
-Art sketchbooks due next week
-Bring dry erase markers for math/sign quiz
-2$ for Terry
-People who didn't do french interview, practice
- Bring gym clothes

Sept 19th, 2018
-Review science vocab/test on Friday
-Info sheets due Friday
-Present S.S on Monday
-Art sketchbooks due next week
-Coneball intramurals Thursday
-Bring dry erase markers for math/sign quiz
-2$ for Terry

Sept 18th, 2018   
-Math quiz signed
-Study for vocab test on Friday for Science 
-Complete science text and questions
-Review fractions for Math
-Migration due on Friday
-Sketch books for Art
-Summary for LA overdue
-Info sheets due Friday 

Sept 17th, 2018
-Math quiz needs to be signed for tomorrow
-Phys. Ed clothes for tomorrow
-Migration work due Friday for S.S.
-Information sheet with or without corrections due Friday (Sept 21st)
-Review properties of air for Science (use links under science to help review)
-Finish retell for L.A.  Use the link below if you want to hear the story again
-Bring in a Toonie for Terry Fox
-Sketch book (blank pages) for Art due next week

Sept 14th, 2018
-A few students still need to complete "selfie" package
-set up agendas and get them signed for Monday
-Migration due for Social Studies next Friday
-Sketch book (blank pages) and section in binder for Art due next Art class
-"Toonie for Terry"- keep helping to raise money for cancer research by bringing in $2 by the 28th
-Review French concepts (see websites/apps under French page)

Sept 13th, 2018

-Some students still have not completed their "selfie" package
-Bring $2 in to raise money for cancer research. The Terry Fox run is on Sept 28th in the morning.  Water bottles should be brought to school that day and students will have them during the walk.  Wear your RTMS shirt or red that day!
-Students need to have a novel/book that fits their reading level in class with them daily
-Reminder that students are expected to change for Phys.ed and wearing a red t-shirt is encouraged.

Sept 10th, 2018
-Brainstorm migration ideas for S.S.
-Bring in a novel for L.A. and think about different sentences (simple, complex, compound, etc.)
-Review colours, numbers, days and months for French (see French for technological support)
-Apply for various teams/clubs in the school.  Get involved!

Sept 9th, 2018
-Set up your agenda for the upcoming week by filling in the days (Monday is a day 5) and subjects just as was shown in class.  This will be checked every Monday a.m.
-Parents initials/signatures will be checked every Monday a.m. and should be done for the week that passed (once is suffice).  This ensures you have seen any assignments, events, etc. or notes teachers may have written in their agendas.
-Student fees are $15 and are discussed on page 3 of the agenda and are due a.s.a.p..  Most students have already submitted the money. :)  Cashless schools online should be set up by now or shortly.
-The green form and the tear off portion of the white introduction letter are due Monday as well.  There will be no Friday folders as mentioned in the letter as only a few teachers are doing this and I personally feel that the agenda and this website will keep you informed.
-"Selfie Packages" should be completes for tomorrow
-Phys. ed/Ruth Thompson clothes are available for purchase every day in the gym.  The t-shirts are $15 and are great to have for the next 3 years for Phys.ed and for spirit days.
-Homework for specific subjects will be mentioned here but more detail will be included for certain assignments/homework under the subject headings on the left or within their specific teacher's website for that subject.  Students will be helping each teacher manage this site as part of The Tech team responsibilities.

Mr. R Greenwood RTMS,
11 Sep 2018, 07:34