Sept 10th, 2018
-review colours, numbers up to 100, days and months (use technology to help/see list below)

Sept 9th, 2018

We will be doing review for the first two weeks to get a sense of where all students are at in terms of their French knowledge.  They can review colours and numbers for now.

Want to practice your French skills?  Here are some apps and websites that you can use when you are at home:  If you come across any other useful or fun websites/apps, please let me know and I will add them here.

Apps:                                                            Websites:
- MindSnacks           - Duolingo                             -            -
- FluentU                - UTalkClassic                        -           -
- Mosalingua              Canadian French                   -      -
- Rosetta Stone        - Fun French by                    -                   -
- Memrise                Studycat                            -                    -
- SpeakEasy                                                    -                  -